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With herCAREER, we want to live true female empowerment and give women the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others – either with their own business or in the context of employment.

Did you found or take over a company? Developed a product? Or you are a specialist or manager and have gained experience that you would like to share with the herCAREER community? Then apply by filling out the form below. The decisive factor for us and the herCAREER-Community is the added value your submitted topic brings.

The application process restarts every month. We present up to four selected applicants monthly. This means that you will be visible with your topic and your know-how in a herCAREER interview to the entire community via the website, our social media channels and the newsletter. At the end of the interview, you also define the focus topics with which you would like to be involved as a mentor and/or sparring partner. As a mentor, you are available for up to three (video) meetings for an exchange. The mentor decides for herself which and how many mentees she would like to allow. The offer for sparring refers to a casual exchange. herCAREER acts here as an intermediary.

At any time you can register for an exchange in a professional context on herCAREER-Lunchdates and get in touch with interesting personalities. The prerequisite for applying for an interview is the membership of herCAREER-Lunchdates, whether you have the free offer or the premium model. *

Share your experience

You want to share your knowledge and not hold it back? Great, our community is interested in your learning curves, your knowledge, your very concrete learning – everything that has brought you further professionally and that helps other women to grow.

* Trainers, coaches and HR managers are excluded from “Share your Experience”.  

Of particular interest for the community are topics related to technology and entrepreneurship for example:

  • How do you set up a software company without programming skills?
  • What are the pitfalls of commissioning an IT service provider?
  • What can business models look like for companies using blockchain technology?
  • How do I get listed in trade – and then stay there?
  • What is the real benefit of influencer marketing and how can you use it for yourself?
  • How do I manage digital projects with a business administration background?
  • How do I find the right producer who also produces in small quantities?
  • Lateral/ Cross entry into coding – how do you manage to acquire the relevant skills and abilities without studying or training?

We and the herCAREER community look forward to meeting you.

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    Unfortunately, consultants, trainers, coaches, personnel service providers and headhunters cannot participate. They are welcome to become an exhibitor of the career fair and hold a presentation as part of the exhibition package. Please contact us.

    The procedure

    • If you participate, you will receive an e-mail with 3 questions on content-related learning which we would like you to return in a continuous text within a maximum of 2 weeks. Please make sure that the answers are fully formulated; these will generally be published as submitted. In case of key points or insufficient answers, we reserve the right not to publish the interview and not to introduce you as a sparring partner/mentor.
    • The function of sparring partner and/or mentor is linked to the publication. For this, the answer to the respective sparring or mentoring question(s) applies.
    • In addition, we need a photo of you if applicable with reference to the copyright.
    • If you do not hear back from us (interview questions), you are welcome to apply again next month.

    We offer companies the opportunity to give women from their company visibility, especially regarding to employer branding or personal branding and to book an interview or a membership at herCAREER-Lunchdates. Feel free to contact the herCAREER team. We will be happy to advise you.