Career MeetUp

Role models & experts from several companies share their knowledge and experience with a small group of participants

Have experienced members of your company share their professional and personal experience with participants interested in building their careers. They can profit immenseley from the knowledge and experiences of your specialists and executives, as well as from your HR representatives.

Career MeetUp enables you to host a targeted and valuable exchange about a chosen topic with the participants. The location for the Career MeetUps are either seperately designated areas or at the company booths.

Career MeetUps can accomodate between 6 (at the company booths) and 12 participants (at the designated areas). We have deliberately chosen the maximum numbers to facilitate the meetups efficiently. Therefore we also decided against a classic presentation mode.

No prior registration is required, participation is granted “first come, first served”.

Share your insider knowledge with interested participants. Here are some suggestions for topics:

  • New to leadership
  • Re-Entry / Career Change in IT / Software Development
  • My personal career – hearing from a female expert (eg. engineer)
  • Dos and Dont’s when applying – How to write successful applications
  • Visibility inside the company – self-marketing
  • Finding strategic partners inside the company
  • Leadership position and family – it works!
  • How you can profit from internal and external networks
  • Identifying and targeting mentors in your company
  • Profit from our equity compensation plans
  • Make your own day! Individual and flexible working models
  • Our contribution to your retirement funds
  • Nursing and care: reconciliation of work and life does not stop at parenting

Carreer MeetUps are part of the framework program of the fair.

Please note that talks and meetups can only be held at the company’s booth with booths 9 sqm and up!

Reach out to us for pricing and availability.