Expert MeetUp

At the Expert MeetUps, the exhibiting companies place experts from their own companies or, alternatively, their customers and conduct a professional exchange in small groups.

The focus is on the presentation of products and services. Topics that focus on customer benefits are deliberately placed. It is expressly desired that customers themselves report on jointly realized projects

You can also place professors / lecturers as sparring partners as an executive education institute or have your students report on successful professional projects and their experiences.

As the exhibiting company, you will take over the moderation and outline the submitted topic, followed by a brief personal introduction of the expert and a specialist presentation of the questions and an exchange of views.

Focus lies on participants’ questions and network building

Please note: With the Expert MeetUps we deliberately do without stages and presentations. The focus here is entirely on the exchange in small groups. The format allows you to respond directly to questions from the participants.

The Expert MeetUps take place every 45 minutes on the MeetUp special area with up to 12 participants or with up to 6 participants on your stand area of 9 sqm or more.

The Expert-MeetUps will be published in the official program of the fair.

Let the participants benefit from your network (customers) and the knowledge of your experts. Topics for a MeetUp can be:

  • Financing start-ups correctly: The federal government’s funding programmes at a glance
  • How to master your extra-occupational studies and what it means for you – a graduate’s experience report
  • Crowdfunding – more than just financing – experience report of a founder
  • Self-employment in food retailing. My experience report
  • Acquiring and retaining customers – achieving your goal with the right strategy
  • What you need to know about SEO and what you can best forget about quickly
  • Ways into self-employment: Buying instead of giving reasons
  • How to get headhunted – Advertise or get addressed?
  • Protection of innovations and avoidance of warnings in online sales
  • etc.

Ask for prices and availability.