Lecture, MeetUp, Talk or Lab – the exhibitor has numerous additional options to present the company to the visitors

For exhibitors: exchange with visitors in small groups

The contribution of a presentation at herCAREER pays back. All exhibitors can choose from various different presentation style option. Popular with the visitors are the Career MeetUps, Job-Offer-Talks and Labs, which focus on a direct discussion in small groups. Those settings are perfect for bringing the visitors in direct contact with employees and potential future collegues. You grant access and insights to HR or other departments and get to introduce your lates innnovations (Future Talks) but also which skills you are looking for to build a heterogeneous team.

In addition we have the format “Innovation Lab” where exhibitors can present labs, hubs, accelerators, and incubators. The settings in the small groups allow you to efficiently communicate with the visitors about a previously booked topic.

Lectures & Discussions

The big auditoriums are available for lectures and discussions – eg. on the development in your industry.

We recommend you to feature a female role model and her career path from your company. The authentic presentation of opportunities and challenges should be in the focus. Geena Davis, a famous actress, says: „If she can see it, she can be it. Let us work hand in hand to make those role models visible to lead as a good example for the current generation and all following.

Feature a customer as a sparring partner

For exhibiting companies which present their products or services at the career fair, we recommend to host an Expert-MeetUp. This is where the exhibitors’ clients are presented as sparrings partner to enable an authentic discussion. Among them are participants / graduates from trainings and courses, franchisees, or similar. The visitors enjoy to get to talk to them directly and you have the chance to feature your clients as part of the fair.


Consultants, Coaches, and service providers, as well as companies with not easy to explain products and services, have a platform to present in more detail at the different areas of the LiveTrainingCenter. There are 2 presentation slots each day of the fair.


Tip: To promote your presentation or lecture ahead of the fair, we recommend to book an interview. The interviews will be spread through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and the link is provided to you to also spread them via your channels. Examples of interviews are available here for your reference.


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