– The new way of job marketplaces

Let us support your company in showing what the job in your company is really about: being unique, especially through the team and the humans behind the job.

You alread have the most important: employees that stand behind their jobs and the role within the team.

On the platform Job-INSIGHTS .de we provide you with the opportunity to give an authentic view into your company and the culture in the respective departments through job interviews. Your employees thus become influencers who report about what they like about your company and their work and also what is so special about their department and the team.

Job offers can be listed on Job-INSIGHTS .de on the basis of 10 questions directed at the head or a team member of the department the listed job is part of.

The job offer is listed in one of the following categories:

  • Internship
  • Trainee
  • Direct entry
  • Professional (>3 years of working experience)
  • Leadership Position
  • Freelancer

Applicants receive authentic insights into the listed position on through team members or direct reports. In the interview they can describe their view of the listed job, the tasks involved and how they – very personally – see the culture inside the company.

The questions are directed towards the following topics:

  • Job
  • Performance
  • Interviewpartner
  • Team
  • Company Culture