The exhibition matching leads directly to your offer

For the first time, a career exhibition uses the digital possibilities of matching to navigate visitors to the exhibitors’ offers and to enable a targeted exchange. This is completely new and innovative.

herCAREER is based on the latest trend and takes up the results of a study by the innovation association Future Meeting Space, in which the Fraunhofer Institute is one of the participants, which examined what the event format of the future must look like – namely primarily networked, interactive and digital.

Like no other career exhibition, herCAREER stands for networking, digitization, knowledge transfer and interaction. herCAREER relies on algorithms and is therefore once again fully in line with the trend. On the basis of a scientifically based questionnaire technique, visitors will receive specific offers from the exhibiting companies or suggestions for suitable matches, for example in the segments:

1. Jobs & Further Education

2. Networks, Media & Institutions

3. Offers for better compatibility

4. Advisory Services (law, health, career, social media etc.)

5. Business start-up & Entrepreneurship

6. Money, Finances & Pensions

We recommend all exhibiting companies to take advantage of this offer

Especially for vacant jobs, we can match visitors to the topic areas in which they can demonstrate initial experience or have acquired knowledge through autodidactic training. As we are well aware a degree acquired years ago does not necessarily cover the skills required today, yet these may well have been acquired in the meantime.

By the way, 40 percent of the herCAREER visitors last year stated that they were open to a career change to IT/programming, wanted to participate in projects related to digitization and were looking for alternative ways to enter a company.

We therefore give a particular importance to a career change in IT / digitization. If your company is open to it, please take the opportunity to use the questionnaire to attract the attention of interesting visitors.

Personality and competence development is in greater demand than ever

Last but not least, we are aware of the confidence gap among women, which means that they often do not apply with the initial knowledge they have acquired because they fear from the beginning that they will not be considered for the job due to a lack of the required training or appropriate academic studies. This is where we at herCAREER want to start and encourage women, but also support employers in making these opportunities and especially role models visible. In this regard we also refer to our interview series herWHY.

Executive training is also more in demand and important today than ever before. Our visitors bring with them a strong willingness for continuing education. Last year, 94 percent of visitors said that they visited the exhibition for personal and competence development. We can use the questionnaire to help visitors find a suitable offer or to conduct a specific discussion with an exhibitor. If your executive education leads to the acquisition of further skills to manage and design digital projects, please let us know via the questionnaire.

We also recommend that all other exhibitors to fill out the questionnaire, as it helps to bring your offer in line with the specific requests of the visitors.

Personal matches make you the ideal exchange partner at the herCAREER

Since herCAREER focuses on exchange like no other career exhibition, we do not stop with the offer. In a digitally networked and apparently complex world, it is more important than ever to know the people with the required skills and to benefit from their knowledge together – through exchange.

That is why we let your stand team and your speakers become exchange partners. You can not only offer an exchange, but also look for one yourself. The only thing you need to do is to provide your stand team and speakers with a personalized e-mail address for sending them the speaker and exhibitor passes. Approximately four weeks before the fair, we will start sending out the passes and participants will have the opportunity to create their personal profile. Shortly before the start of the fair, personal matches will be suggested.

As an exhibitor, take advantage of this opportunity and contact us for further information.

We are curious and look forward to your participation.