Looking for a female co-founder

Studies show that mixed teams of founders are more successful and more stable in the long term. That’s why we want to bring more women into the startup scene. With the help of the founder pitch, we enable male founders or teams to find a female co-founder at the herCAREER-Expo.

The male founder or the team of founders introduces themselves to a predominantly female audience at the herCAREER-Expo. In their impulse, they describe the field of activity for which they are looking for a female co-founder and then answer the participants’ questions.

ca. 12 participants     45 min.    designated areas    no reservation possible

*We have chosen these ceilings quite deliberately to ensure efficient exchange.

Can’t wait until the Expo?

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Join us and apply for a pitch for a female founder

Male founders and founding teams are invited to herCAREER to present their start-up as well as the area and tasks for which they are looking for a female co-founder. The male founder or founding team will introduce themselves to a majority female audience. Male founders and male-focused founding teams can apply for the pitch below.

The selected startups will pitch on-site at herCAREER on October 12 and 13, 2023.
The presentation during a MeetUp in small groups of up to 45 minutes in length is free of charge for male founders/founder teams. Start-ups apply via the form below.

    In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us.