Future Talks

Future Talk provides concrete insights into projects and innovations of corporates.

The program for herCAREER-Expo 2022 will be available here from 15.08.2022.

Many companies are known for their special developments or special products or services.

Future Talk allows you to get deep insights into projects and innovations that companies are currently working on, and also the variety of topics inside the companies.

They will introduce you to the challenges they are currently facing and the competences needed to further position the company. To stay focused, there will be a main topic for each Future Talk unit.

Insights in small groups

We explicitely abstain from stages and traditional presentation for Future Talks. The focus lies on exchanging information in small groups. The format allows the companies to directly answer to your questions.

The Future Talks last 45 minutes and take place with up to 7 participants, apart from the speaker, in the separately designated special area.

Examples for Future Talk topics:

  • Electro mobility: „How we will manage to replace our gas and diesel motors through our innovations.“
  • Autonomous driving: „What is feasible today – and what will we need in the future?“
  • Real estate: „How will we contact the customers in the future?“
  • Smart home: „How do we make our homes smarter? Learn how you can support us.“