Innovation Labs

More and more companies start and develop new business ideas with courage for experiments and failure in specially dedicated innovation labs.

At innovation lab companies present their lab, incubator, accelerator or hub.

Female founders and startups have a great opportunity to get directly in touch with them. Founders who already take part in the respective program will talk about their experience with the format, the application and onboarding process, so other founders can find the perfect fit and find motivation to apply.

Companies present their offers to interested small groups.

The format innovation labs allows companies to present their activities in that area and get in touch with you.

We deliberately do not offer the classical presentation style with stages and speeches for the innovation labs. The focus lies on the direct exchange between the participants in small groups and ask questions direclty answered by the company’s representative(s).

The innovation labs last 45 minutes holding up to 12 participants at the designated area, or up to 6 participants at the exhibitors booths.