Future Talk

The Future Talk should enable the visitors to get direct insights into new projects & innovations.

Your company is well-known due to its very special development or special products or services? But you are not characterized only by this? The Future Talks should enable you to give the participants concrete insights into new projects and innovations your company is working on or to present the variety of topics and developments within your company. It addresses the challenges you need to overcome and the skills you need to position your company. In order to stay as close as possible to the topic the Future Talk should be characterized by just one topic.

Direct contact in small groups

Please, note: the Future Talks deliberately do without a stage and presentations. The focus is entirely on the exchange in small groups and network building.

The formats encourage the possibility to directly respond to questions from the participants.

The Future Talks take place in one-hour intervals on the special areas with up to 12 participants or with up to 6 participants (recommended) on your own stand with a size of min. 9 sqm.

The Future Talks will be published in the official program of the exhibition.

Content for Future Talks could be:

  • Electromobility: How we want our innovations to replace the gasoline and diesel engine
  • Autonomous driving: What is already possible today – and what else is needed?
  • Real Estate Industry: How does the customer approach of the future look like?
  • Smart Home: How we make the home smarter. Learn how get engaged.

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