Innovation Lab

Your company offers a lab, incubator, accelerator, or hub?

More and more companies open up special labs to develop new business ideas with a lot of eagerness to experiment and courage – also courage to fail.

Your company offers a lab, incubator, accelerator, or hub? Then this format of the Innovation Lab is perfect for you to present your offer and get in touch with founders and startups. Have participants of your innovation format talk about their experience athentically to motivate other founders to join. Alternatively your innovation expert can present best practices on the kind of innovation you are looking for.

Present your offer to highly interested participants in small groups

Define your pitch by selecting a strong title and descriptive text about your innovation lab. The format Innovation Lab lets you present your offers and get in touch with interested participants, generate popularity and curiosity among participants.

Please note: at Innovation Labs we deliberately do not want classical presentations. The focus lies on the direct exchange in small groups. The format allows to directly answer to the requests and questions of the participants.

The innovation lab happens every 45 minutes at the special designated area with up to 12 participant or at your exhibition booth with up to 6 participants.

Innovation Labs are an official part of the exhibition and will be published in the program of the exhibition.

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