Our vision: Equality

herCAREER has a vision, we want to achieve together with you: equality on the job

For more equality in the professional world

217 years to reach gender equality in the professional world (article in German) – titles the newest prognosis of the World Economic Forum. Our opinion: That has to be speeded up!

We want to make our contribution to strengthening the position of women in the workplace. Now! That is why we have created herCAREER – to strengthen women in the professional world. We support them at any stage of their career: jobentry, career advancement, re-entry or starting your own company. We want to see them grow by touching on topics and issues relevant to them.
With the career fair we provide a platform for exchange on eye level. The visitors get to tap into the complete knowledge pool of the community, and also learn from the expert-knowledge and know-how of experienced role models and insiders.

Learning from the herCAREER community and networking

Meet our experts who are part of our community in person and deliberately grow your professional network at herCareer in a pleasant atmosphere. The variety of exhibitors is truly unique: our focus lies on presenting attractive employers from various industries and compelling educational offers, but also provide insights to compatibility of family and work as well as information for founders and entrepreneurs, personal and business finances, pension and insurance concepts and legal.

Our goal is to become the leading platform for female career planning in Germany to enable women to accelerate their careers – be it as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

About the founder: Natascha Hoffner

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The founder of herCAREER, Natascha Hoffner, has more than 18 years of experience in the exhibition industry. In the year 2000 she was already part of an exhibition spinoff headquartered in Mannheim and has significantly impacted many exhibitions and large conferences established as leading events in their respective industries in Germany and abroad. During peak times she headed up to 20 fairs and conferences per year with around 100 staff members together with her co-founder.

She has been a managing director for more than 5 years, thereof 2 years with a subsidiary of the Deutsche Messe AG. As a mother of two and no longer willing to commute more than 400 km to get to work, she founded her company messe.rocks in April 2015 in Munich, so she could be closer to her family not only on weekends.