Call for Papers – Share your Experience

Apply for our Call for Papers:

You have founded or taken over a company? Developed a product? Or you are a specialist or manager and have gained experience that you would like to share with the herCAREER community or at a MeetUp at herCAREER?

Then apply via the Call for Papers procedure and fill out the form below. The deciding factor for us and the herCAREER community is the added value of your submitted topic.

The application procedure will run until the end of July 2020, after which we will provide positive feedback to the up to ten MeetUp applicants.

Share your experience

You want to share your knowledge and not hold it back because it gives you an advantage yourself? Great, our community is interested in your learning curves, your knowledge, your very concrete learnings, in other words in everything that has helped you professionally and that helps other women to avoid mistakes and helps them grow.

With herCAREER we want to live real Female Empowerment and give women the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of third parties in order to grow faster – whether within their own company or in the context of employment.

Which experiences, which knowledge and/or which learning curves are you prepared to share with others at herCAREER within the framework of a MeetUp? A MeetUp is an exchange of experiences in a small group of a maximum of 12 people, lasting a maximum of 45 minutes. We recommend to speak for about 20 minutes and then to answer the questions of the participants during the remaining 25 minutes.

Especially interesting for the community are topics related to technology and entrepreneurship, for example:

  • How to start a software company without programming skills?
  • What pitfalls must be considered when commissioning an IT service provider?
  • What can business models look like for companies with blockchain technology?
  • How do I manage to be listed in retail – and then stay there?
  • How efficient is influencer marketing really and how can it be used?
  • How do I manage digital projects with a business administration background?
  • How do I find the right producer who also produces small quantities?
  • Cross industry entry to programming – how do you manage to acquire the corresponding skills and abilities without studying and training?

We and the herCAREER community look forward to meeting you.

    Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, HR Service Provider and Headhunter can not participate. They are welcome to become an exhibitor of the career fair and hold a presentation as part of the exhibition package. Please contact us.