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Please note that childcare cannot be offered at herCAREER 2021 due to COVID-19.

We ask for your understanding.

Please provide a valid e-mail address so we can send you your ticket and invoice. Make sure your data is correct and complete. Change of data is not possible once you finish registration.

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Prices include value added tax. Presentations, speeches and exhibition catalogue are included.

* Only available upon presenting a valid student ID or an enrolment certificate at the entrance.
** HR service providers (companies or individuals which offer service to recruit or place staff, e.g. interim staffing, recruiting, or headhunter), as well as independent trainer and coaches, who are not exhibitors of the herCAREER fair, can only purchase serivce provider tickets, even when visiting the fair privately. Please note that incorrectly booked tickets will be changed at your expense.

Our house rules and terms and condition do not allow:

  • unauthorized distribution or display of marketing material
  • sales or cooperation request of products and services

The organizer will follow up on violation of the former by issuing an invoice of 3,000 Euro to the violator and will exercise his property rights.

Terms and conditions as well as house rules are available here

Here you can find our data protection information

And why are there different ones?

herCAREER is designed for job seekers, regardless of whether they are looking to start a new job or want to move into a specialist or management position. The visitors also include people interested in further education as well as founders and entrepreneurs.

Self-employed trainers and coaches (main or secondary profession) or persons working on behalf of companies with the corporate purpose of training, coaching and HR service providers (companies and individuals that offer the entire range of services related to the recruitment and deployment of personnel, such as temporary employment agencies, recruitment agencies or headhunters) are kindly requested to purchase a TICKET for trainers, coaches and HR service providers.

Please note: Voucher codes cannot be applied to tickets for trainers, coaches & HR service providers.

The herCAREER follows the multiple and explicit request and advice of the exhibiting companies. It is not desired and not permitted to carry out a selling of the own products and services at the exhibition booths or in discussion rounds. Sales are reserved exclusively for the exhibiting companies. If you would like to participate as an exhibitor, please contact the herCAREER team.

You are a trainer, coach or HR service provider and would also like to participate in the herCAREER program? No problem with the ticket from 90 EUR! You think the price is too high compared to those who can buy a ticket as job seekers etc.? The fair is primarily designed for that target group. For from 90 EUR, we enable those who are otherwise primarily admitted as exhibitors at herCAREER to benefit from the extensive program – at congress level. In doing so, you are not least rewarding the work of the herCAREER team. And please note: Despite the extensive program, herCAREER is not a congress! A claim to a seat or seat reservations cannot be realized. Participation in the MeetUps, Talks, Lectures and Discussions is on a “first come, first served” basis.

The herCAREER team wishes promising conversations and contacts!

Thu. 6 Oct. – 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Fri. 7 Oct – 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Please be sure to select the correct ticket when ordering your ticket. The organizer reserves the right to reject incorrectly booked tickets. Any payments made will neither be refunded nor credited against a new ticket price.

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Speaker at herCAREER 2022

Katharina Hauke
Managing Director

Katharina Hauke (46) has been Managing Director of Lieferando in Germany since October 2020 and also manages the business in Austria. Born in Vienna, she is responsible for the business with around 1,400 employees, particularly [...]

Maria Sievert
Founder & CEO, Inveox GmbH
Member of the Advisory Board of the TUM School of Management

With the vision of digitizing and automating histopathology, Maria Sievert founded the Munich-based medtech company inveox in 2017. Maria shares the company's management with her business partner, co-founder and husband Dominik Sievert. In the past [...]

Claudia Frese
and member of the management of IONOS

Claudia Frese has been CEO of STRATO AG and a member of the IONOS Management Board since September 2020. With over 4 million domains and more than 2 million customers, STRATO is one of the [...]

Dr. med. Dilek Gürsoy
Heart surgeon and Physician of the year 2019
The first female doctor in Europe to transplant an artificial heart. Is currently co-creating a new artificial heart.

Dilek Gürsoy, MD, was born in 1976 in Neuss, Germany, one of three children in a family of Turkish immigrant workers. One of her two brothers died in infancy. Her father died of sudden cardiac [...]

Anna Sophie Herken
Business Division Head, Allianz Asset Management GmbH, Supervisory Board member Allianz Life and
CPIC Fund Management Ltd, on the Board of Trustees of the AllBright Foundation

Anna Sophie Herken is Business Division Head at Allianz Asset Management GmbH as well as a Supervisory Board member at Allianz Life in the USA and CPIC Fund Management Ltd in China. Anna has - [...]

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