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Jules Verne Campus Grundschule und Gymnasium

Founded in 2013, the Jules Verne Campus in Munich is a state-approved bilingual elementary and grammar school and offers all-day care and holiday supervision. The students follow the official Bavarian curriculum by an individualized learning concept proven and tested in Switzerland. Since scientific research shows a connection between physical activity and brain development, daily exercise integrated into studying plays an important role at the Jules Verne Campus.

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Dr. Kerrie Elston-GüttlerDr. Kerrie Elston-Güttler
Jules Verne Campus Grundschule und Gymnasium, Educational Coordinator


14.10.2016 | 10:15 - 10:45 Uhr

Vortragsforum 2 | Halle 3

Thread / thematic series: Familie & Beruf | Gesellschaft

Jules Verne Campus München - wie moderne Schulen neue Möglichkeiten für Beruf und Familie eröffnen
In this lecture in English and German, learn about our all-day Grade School and Gymnasium featuring innovative concepts such as bilingual (English-German) immersion from grade 1, a special subject called Curiosology, learning in movement, and individualized learning.