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Our name Q_PERIOR concisely embodies our focus as a management consultancy: always achieving first-class results for our clients. The Q stands for “quality,” while PERIOR is derived from “superior.” As the top 3 „Leading Management Consulting Companies in Germany” (according to the Lünendonk list), our focus lies in integrating business & IT. Q_PERIOR has a service and solution orientation and distinguishes itself through the interdisciplinary nature in its range of expertise. For our customers, this results in new, creative approaches for innovative business models. That is why we believe in employees who want to achieve something and are excited about their own development.

Job Offers

We are looking for employees for the following regions / countries
Switzerland, Austria, Remote possible, Remote possible, Germany, Nationwide

We are looking for employees for the following fields of activity
Business Analysis
Credit / Risk Management
Digital Finance
Actuarial mathematics
Supply Chain Management
Transport logistics
Data Analytics
ata Science
Database Development / Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence / Big Data
Digital Transformation
Embedded Systems / Firmware Development
Internet of Things (IoT)
IT Security
SAP ERP consulting / development
Software development
Energy and environmental technology
Renewable energy
Consulting / Advice

Language competence required
Language competence DEUTSCH
Expert language skills (C1), (Approximate) Native language skills (C2)
Language competence OTHER
Further language skills are not required

Business environment
New-work environment with lean hierarchies
International environment

Major enterprise more than 1000 employees

founding year 2011

Content participation

Uta Niendorf

Uta Niendorf
Partner, Q_PERIOR AG

Career-MeetUp EN

06/10/2022 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

MeetUp K.22 | Halle 2 / hall 2

Thread / thematic series: Consultation / Consulting

Joblevel: Career entry, Professional, Leading position, Lateral entry

Women in Business: How to Create and Thrive in your Career in Consulting
Hardly any industry is portrayed as more anti-women than consulting: a tough and busy male world with an elbow mentality, and no room for women who want to pursue a career and have a family at the same time. Goodbye to stereotypical thinking! Uta Niendorf, Partner at Q_PERIOR and mother of two children, is proof of a female career in consulting. She has over 20 years of experience in consulting for well-known companies and international know-how from living and working in Italy, Paris and London. In her MeetUp, Uta shares insights and tips on how a career in consulting for women can succeed.

Details about the speaker Uta Niendorf
Vita: Uta is Partner at Q_PERIOR, an international management and IT consultancy. After graduating in European studies from the University of Passau, she began her consulting career at Accenture in the area of Financial Services consulting. After 5 years as a consultant for banks, stock exchanges and insurers and a part-time Executive MBA at the ESCP Business School in Paris, she worked in Berlin and London for the Swedish insurer Skandia. At Skandia, Uta was responsible for areas such as business development and strategic marketing. In 2010 she returned to consulting and focused on insurance clients which is her main area of expertise to-date. After senior positions at zeb consulting and Batten & Company, she joined Q_PERIOR as an Associate Partner in March 2017, where she strategically positioned the Insurance Sales Solutions division and built up a powerful team of more than 35 management consultants. As a Partner, Uta today advises leading primary insurers in the German-speaking markets on the transformation of their sales organizations, as well as customer service and market-facing units. She is also responsible for the Q_PERIOR Diversity & Inclusion initiative within ESG. In addition to her professional activities, Uta is an associated member of the Club of Rome and personally interested in topics such as sustainable growth. Uta is married, mother of two children and lives in Berlin.

Astrid Blechschmidt

Astrid Blechschmidt
Partnerin, Q_PERIOR AG

Job-Offer-Talk DE

07/10/2022 01:45 PM - 02:30 PM

Job-Offer-Talk K.21 | Halle 2 / hall 2

Thread / thematic series: Digital Transformation, Consultation / Consulting

State of knowledge: Consulting

Joblevel: Career entry, Professional, Leading position, Lateral entry

Female Power trifft IT-Consulting: Wieso Frauen geborene Beraterinnen sind
Astrid Blechschmidt, Partnerin bei Q_PERIOR, einer der führenden Management- und IT-Beratungen für digitale Transformation, präsentiert in ihrem Job-Offer Talk das Berufsfeld Consulting. Dabei gibt sie Einblicke in Projekte und Verantwortungen und stellt aktuelle Karriereoptionen für Frauen bei Q_PERIOR vor. Sie blickt gemeinsam mit den Teilnehmer:innen hinter die Kulissen des Consulting und zeigt auf, warum die konsequente Orientierung an Menschen und ihren Bedürfnissen essentiell für ihre heutige Position als Top-Managerin in der Beratung ist.

Details about the speaker Astrid Blechschmidt
Vita: Astrid ist Partnerin bei Q_PERIOR, einer international tätigen Management- und IT-Beratung. Vor ihrem Studium absolvierte Astrid eine Ausbildung zur Hotelfachfrau in Heidelberg. Nach ihrem Betriebswirtschaftsstudium in München arbeitete sie an der Einführung von Internetbuchungssystemen im „Incoming-Tourismus“ und entwickelte in einer auf den Tourismus spezialisierten Beratungsgesellschaft erste E-Commerce Konzepte. Als Bereichsleiterin bei dem Münchner Systemintegrator MaibornWolff verantwortete Astrid den Aufbau und die Führung des Bereichs „IT Consulting“. Anschließend übernahm sie bei T-Systems Schweiz die Kundenverantwortung für die Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen (SBB). Es folgten die Geschäftsführung eines in den Konzern aufgenommenen IT-Unternehmens mit rund 100 Beschäftigten und 2016 der Wechsel zu Q_PERIOR. Sie verfügt über ein exzellentes Netzwerk an Menschen in Entscheidungspositionen und versteht sich als Enabler für Frauen in der IT. Seit 2000 ist Astrid zudem Lehrbeauftragte an der Hochschule München am Lehrstuhl Touristik.