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at herCAREER 2018
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Sulzer GmbH

We are a medium-sized full-service provider for process consulting and IT consulting. We concentrate on clients in the automotive sector. Customers include some of Germany’s most renowned OEMs. Our range of services extends from new and innovative developments, the establishment and management of a cluster consortium and diverse consulting issues, to various consulting themes including startup management and traditional development, operational and maintenance themes.

Job Offers

Number of employees 800 total
founding year 1978
Benefits Homeoffice, Jobrad, Rückensport, flexible Arbeitszeiten, flache Hierarchien, Mitarbeiter Events
Jobs in: München

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Content participation

Dr. Caroline Sauter
Sulzer GmbH, Geschäftsfeldleiterin

Job-Offer-Talk am AusstellerstandDE

11.10.2018 | 10:45 - 11:30 Uhr

Job-Offer-Talk am Ausstellerstand

Frauenpower - Management und Teilzeit in der IT