Moon, 66 Questions tackles homophobia, suppression and the expectations placed on women to care for their parents. Jacqueline Lentzou explains the origins of her film

In 2012, Jacqueline Lentzou picked up the phone to her cousin in Athens, Greece. She remembers the date exactly: 19 June. Lentzou was 20 and studying to be a director at the London Film School. “My cousin told me: ‘Your father’s in the hospital. He doesn’t speak, he doesn’t walk. You have to come back.’” He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

For the next 18 months, she became her father’s carer. At the time, it felt as if her directing career was finished before it properly got started: “The only thing that kept me from not believing that everything was over was the fact that I would make a film about it. I’ve known since 2012 that this would be my first feature. I had to do it to move on in my life.”

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