Futurice GmbH

Futurice ist ein internationales Innovationsunternehmen, das digitale Services entwickelt und hilft eine Innovationskultur zu etablieren, die Unternehmen für die Herausforderungen der Zukunft rüstet. Seit 2000 unterstützt Futurice Kunden mit multidisziplinären Teams bei der Weiterentwicklung ihrer Geschäftsmodelle und Arbeitsweisen. Futurice beschäftigt über 550 Mitarbeiter und verfügt über Niederlassungen in Berlin, Helsinki, London, München, Oslo, Stockholm, Stuttgart und Tampere.

Inhaltliche Beteiligung

 Irina Brüningk
Irina Brüningk
Director AI & Data Science, Futurice GmbH
 Rupa Ram
Rupa Ram
Business Advisor, Futurice GmbH


10.10.2019 | 15:45 - 16:05 Uhr

Auditorium 2 | Halle 5

Thema/Themenreihe: Persönlichkeits- & Kompetenzentwicklung | Wirtschaft, Arbeit & New Work

How successful collaboration in diverse teams works - A reality check
Studies proof: Diverse teams perform better and boost innovation. That’s why many companies work on becoming more inclusive, multidisciplinary and diverse. But what does it actually mean? What does it ask from our workplaces and even more important from us? In a reality check we share our experiences, insights and give useful guidelines for how not to play small, but take our space, be authentic and find our empowered position for personal and collaborative success in diverse teams.

Details zum/r Referent/in Irina Brüningk
Vita: Irina has a passion for innovative digital and technology projects. As a graduated Computer scientist and Master in Innovation and Business Creation, she combines technology and business in perfection. She looks back on more than 8 years of experience in this field and has accompanied many companies on their transformation to agile and data-driven companies. In her position as Director AI &cData Science at Futurice she is using data to develop services that empower people to achieve greatness and to make transformation tangible.

Details zum/r Referent/in Rupa Ram
Vita: Rupa is a technology enthusiast with the mission to improve peoples’ lives. As a Business Advisor with Futurice she is passionate about technology and how it impacts our lives. With an entrepreneurial and scientific background, she strives to create value to innovative digital and technology projects and businesses with a combination of lean, agile methodologies and critical, analytical thinking.