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Elena Meshkova

Elena Meshkova
Tech Recruiter, Delivery Hero

Job-Offer-Talk am Ausstellerstand

07.10.2022 | 11:30 – 12:15 Uhr

Job-Offer-Talk am Aussteller:innen-Stand | Stand / booth A.12

State of knowledge: Vertrieb & Handel

Joblevel: Einstieg, Professionals, Leitungsfunktion

A glance into life at Delivery Hero and our Career Opportunities
Have you heard of us? Delivery Hero is present in 50 countries across four continents. We are on a mission to deliver anything, straight to customers’ doors. Food, groceries, pharmaceuticals – you name it, we have it!

In this talk, Elena will walk you through career opportunities at Delivery Hero, what to expect while working at our Global company, and the possible career journeys one can experience at Delivery Hero. She will also delve into our wonderful Fintech Department and the multiple career opportunities this department has to offer.

Finally, She will answer your burning questions on life at Delivery Hero and our career opportunities!

Details zum/r Referent/in Elena Meshkova
Vita: Elena is a Data Recruiter at Delivery Hero. Prior to Working at Delivery Hero, she was an agency recruiter for data related positions. She has worked for many well-known companies, primarily in Berlin, but also in other areas of Germany.

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