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 Karolina Stosio

Karolina Stosio
ReDI Volunteer & PhD candidate, Volkswagen Data:Lab Munich


11.10.2019 | 11:00 – 11:45 Uhr

MeetUp F.10 Tisch 3 | Halle 5

Thema/Themenreihe: Persönlichkeits- & Kompetenzentwicklung | Wissenschaft, Technik, Digitalisierung & Technologie

Embracing the failure
Professional journeys of ’successful‘ people often seem just too perfect, as if everything they experienced happened for a reason. This narrative of the perfect story hides away daily struggles and fosters an idea that some people are just more brilliant than the rest of us. Sharing CV of failures is one of attempts to demystify this misconception. By admitting that everyone fails at times, we can try to build a healthier and more inclusive environment. In this talk, Karolina is going to deconstruct her own professional story and share the failures that were just as formative as the successes.
Präsentiert von ReDI School for Digital
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Details zum/r Referent/in Karolina Stosio
Vita: Karolina’s original life quest was an idealistic one: to decipher the inner workings of the brain and understand how does the intelligence emerge. In the meantime, she ended up occupied with something more tangible – artificial intelligence. Still, neither her work of an aspiring PhD candidate is an easy one, nor her way of getting the job was. It all started with a failed attempt to become a mathematician… It took two diplomas (Applied Physics at the University of Warsaw and Computational Neuroscience at Technical University in Berlin), a handful of internships (Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences, PwC, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, University of Tübingen, Google Summer of Code) and a whole bunch of smaller adventures before she finally arrived at Volkswagen Machine Learning Research Lab. Karolina firmly believes that the journey would not be possible without amazing teachers she met along the way and tries to give back to the community by teaching python classes at ReDI School in Munich.