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 Jasmin-Chiara  Bauer

Jasmin-Chiara Bauer
Student and Scholar, UnternehmerTUM GmbH


11.10.2019 | 11:00 – 11:45 Uhr

MeetUp G.15 Tisch 1 | Halle 3

Thema/Themenreihe: Persönlichkeits- & Kompetenzentwicklung | Existenzgründung & Unternehmertum

How does a coach affect teams when pursuing an entrepreneurial idea?
Do you work as coach or do you need a coach for your business idea? Pursuing an entrepreneurial idea and forming a new team is crucial when founding a company. To master entrepreneurial and social challenges external guidance can help to succeed. Startup coaching has a positive effect on teams when pursuing such entrepreneurial ideas.
During this session, we discuss the following questions: What is startup coaching? What is the difference between coaching and mentoring? How does a coach facilitate business idea development? How does a coach affect teams when pursuing an entrepreneurial idea?

Details zum/r Referent/in Jasmin-Chiara Bauer
Vita: Jasmin has a passion for coaching startup teams, thereby helping them to develop their ideas and to reach their full potential. As management student at the Technical University of Munich, as scholar of the entrepreneurship scholarship Manage&More, as well as lecturer assistant and coach of startup teams she has gained a lot experience within the entrepreneurial environment.