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Dr. Susanne PielawaDr. Susanne Pielawa
Lyft Germany GmbH, Software Engineer


11.10.2018 | 11:15 – 12:15 Uhr

MeetUp C.03 | Halle 2

Thema/Themenreihe: Wirtschaft, Arbeit & New Work | Wissenschaft, Technik, Digitalisierung & Technologie

Localization and Mapping for Self-Driving Cars
Knowledge about the world is important to enable autonomous driving. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is a technology which can help provide highly detailed maps and accurate localization for AV cars, even in GPS deprived surroundings like cities. This talk describes the work the Lyft Germany team does in this domain.
Präsentiert von PANDA GmbH

Details zum/r Referent/in Dr. Susanne Pielawa
Vita: – PhD in theoretical quantum physics
– Worked at a start-up on a search engine for 3D objects, then at Google on quantum computing
– Now at Lyft Level 5, working on localization and mapping for self-driving cars.