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 Leanne Mair

Leanne Mair
Founder and Managing Director, Mair Consulting

 Nike Gaertner

Nike Gaertner
Certified Executive Coach, Mentor, Change Enthusiast MSc Executive Coaching, Mair Consulting


16.09.2021 | 13:45 – 14:45 Uhr

Podcast-MeetUp B.17 | Halle 1 / hall 1

Thema/Themenreihe: Führung & Kommunikation | Karrierelaufbahn & Bewerbung

Podcast: Breaking Out of the Box: How do you redefine success when the labels you wear create certain expectations?
How did you career path change from the one you envisaged? How have you been able to walk in the truth?
How have you turned obstacles into positives? Nike will be sharing how she did it and more importantly, how others can do the same.

Details zum/r Referent/in Leanne Mair
Vita: Leanne Mair is the Founder and Managing Director of Benefactum Consulting, a strategic management consulting, specialising in helping companies building gender-balanced, equitable and sustainable cultures. After over a decade of experience as an asset management professional with companies such as PIMCO and BlueBay Asset Management, Leanne built her consultancy focused on designing and implementing strategies to improve the workplace.
Leveraging her background and personal experience, Leanne founded Benefactum Consulting to help companies identify and navigate key challenges and create meaningful impact with their gender equality initiatives, ensuring that all women win.
• Leanne is a strategist with laser focus and clarity. She brings to the table broad international experience helping organisations create environments where female employees, especially Black female employees, feel valued and seen, allowing them and their companies to thrive.
• Leanne is also a passionate and talented communicator. From personal coaching and mentorship to initiatives including seminars, a podcast, and a live show designed to reach larger audiences, Leanne fosters conversation and understanding that lead to positive change.
It is Leanne’s profound belief that it is possible for all of us – individuals and organisations – to envision and achieve transformative strategies that contribute to a more inclusive, gender-equal world. A commitment to equity combined with thoughtful planning and powered by action are key to innovation and progress toward that goal.
Leanne is honoured to serve as a Board Advisor to XOCO Unlimited, a non-profit organisation that partners with grassroots organizations and world-class companies to empower marginalized young women, helping them escape exploitation through education and global initiatives that promote system-level change.

Details zum/r Referent/in Nike Gaertner
Vita: Nike Gaertner is a certified Executive Coach with over 30 years of international business experience and a passion for developing inclusive and authentic leaders.
Having enjoyed a career in the corporate telecommunications industry, working in procurement and sales, she decided to apply her experience to uncharted territories. She started her own business and pivoted into the organisational development space, designing and facilitating leadership development programmes across diverse industries, sectors and geographies. Her client base ranged from young associates, to high potential and senior executives, who typically worked in multi-national corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups.

Preferring the impact of engaging with clients on an individual rather than group basis, Nike pivoted once again and set up her own private coaching practice. Her target clients are senior executives in Corporates, SMEs and Start-ups who wrestle with the underlying anxieties and vulnerability associated with trying to be authentic and inclusive leaders. Her coaching commitment is transformational not transactional. She provides a collaborative, respectful and supportive environment, conducive to holding unvarnished conversations, exploring and challenging existing thinking and considering new perspectives. She is never afraid to name the elephant in the room!

She also works as an associate coach for Ashridge Hult Business School

In addition to coaching, Nike works with Lollipop Mentoring UK, whose mission is to address the inequality and lack of black female representation in leadership roles.