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 Nicole Seiffert

Nicole Seiffert
Senior Recruiting Manager, Amazon Deutschland Services GmbH


10.10.2019 | 16:15 – 17:00 Uhr

MeetUp F.06 | Halle 5

Thema/Themenreihe: Familie & Beruf | Karrierelaufbahn & Bewerbung

Returning to work – Learn about AWS career opportunities after a career break
AWS has designed an EMEA Returners Program targeting individuals who have been out of the workforce for 2+ years and are looking to return back to work. Unlike other return to work programs in the market, we are offering long-term opportunities, highlighting our commitment to investing and developing top talent. This program is designed to help and support you back into a full-time permanent role. Our goal is to set you up with the skills and knowledge you need for success. Join us to learn more about your career opportunities as a Returner.

Details zum/r Referent/in Nicole Seiffert
Vita: Nicole joined AWS in 2018 and is responsible for Sales, Solution Architects, Marketing, Business Development, and Partner recruiting across EMEA. Prior to joining AWS, Nicole held several recruiting leadership roles within technology, and financial services organizations. She began her career in the US in executive recruitment. Nicole’s team at AWS in EMEA ran the first pilot of the EMEA Returners Program in 2018, and she is passionate about growing this program to enable more people to return to the workforce after a career break, and grow their career at AWS in Germany.