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Dr.  Anke Bytomski-GuerrierAlan Place

Dr. Anke Bytomski-Guerrier
CEO & Founder, The Future Living


17.09.2021 | 13:00 – 13:45 Uhr

MeetUp F.01 Tisch 3 | Halle 2 / hall 2

Thema/Themenreihe: Wissenschaft, Technik, Digitalisierung & Technologie | Existenzgründung & Unternehmertum

When Green meets Lean – Product development in a Green tech start-up
#New Product Development; #Product Innovations; #Sustainability; #Design for the Environment; #Case Study
The vision of making a contribution to a future, worth living in; the ambition to develop a digital solution for companies worldwide, together with an international team. And then?
How can product development work successful in a Green-Tech Start-up, when money and resources are limited? How are innovative solutions created that inspire customers and are scalable?
ABG reports from the beginnings of the Start-up The Future Living and shares experiences with lean approaches and agile product
Präsentiert von Verband Working Moms e.V.

Details zum/r Referent/in Dr. Anke Bytomski-Guerrier
Vita: CEO & Founder @ The Future Living
As founder of The Future Living, she is working on a digital solution that will enable employees to develop and implement ideas for more sustainability in their companies.
Before founding the Green Tech Start-Up, Anke was a CFO and manager for strategy, innovation and change management in large companies such as BVG Berlin, Bombardier, Daimler Benz and EJS Berlin. She was responsible for sales of up to € 800 million and for over 600 employees and led the successful implementation of various digitization projects of strategic relevance.
She founded her first company in 1999, which offers student consulting. The company has since completed more than 200 projects and is today one of the largest in Germany.