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Dr. Gaia  Fusco

Dr. Gaia Fusco
Project Chief Engineer of MTG IRS instrument , Team Coordinator of the Systems Engineering Management Team, OHB System AG


17.09.2021 | 12:35 – 12:55 Uhr

Auditorium 1 | Halle 3 / hall 3

Thema/Themenreihe: Wirtschaft, Arbeit & New Work | Karrierelaufbahn & Bewerbung

Women in aerospace
As a Systems Engineering Manager, Mrs. Dr. Gaia Fusco has one of the leading positions in the MTG IRS instrument project at OHB System AG. She started her career in 2004 at CNES and had several working experiences in the European aerospace and space industry before she joined OHB at 2011. She also has a proven track as a Verification & Validation Manager and as a Product Manager for various projects. Gaia holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University “Federico II” in Naples. She wants to show how career paths for women at the aerospace field can look like.