Inspiring networking events for women

These do not have to be exclusively for and with women, but should offer women added value. We invite you to publish your own events or readings in this group.

Social media groups for exchange

Join the discussions online and share exciting articles, podcasts, Role Model personalities and studies with the community. Join in!

Looking for a female founder

Studies show that mixed teams of founders are more successful and more stable in the long term. That’s why we want to bring more women into the startup scene.

Network with the founder Natascha Hoffner on Linkedin

herCAREER Voice Podcast

There’s something for your ears on Spotify and Apple Podcast. We are so happy about a good rating.

Podcasts on work, entrepreneurship & Co.

Share exciting podcasts about jobs, work and entrepreneurship with us and the community. Become part of the group.

HR only – Female Recruiting

Women have different needs and questions in recruiting than men. Studies confirm that there is a confidence gap. With this Linkedin group we want to give exciting insights that HR managers can use for their daily work.

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Exciting articles, studies around the female career and of course insights about the expo and our offers.

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