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herCAREER Academy

In the herCAREER Academy, personalities from business, society and science discuss their topic of heart. During the moderated, one-hour online event, there is the opportunity to ask questions.

These are live events that are usually recorded and available afterwards as On Demand version.

Moderators of the herCAREER Academy

Moderatorin der herCAREER Academy Dr. Irène Kilubi
Dr. Irène Kilubi is the founder of Joint Generations, a social impact initiative aimed at sustainably improving communication and collaboration between generations. She aims to facilitate intergenerational cooperation within businesses and in everyday social life. At the herCAREER Academy, she appreciates that participants can engage in direct, open exchanges with the guest.

Moderatorin der herCAREER Academy Kristina Appel

Kristina Appel is a journalist with focus on gender equity and equality. She gets excited about intersectional feminism and angry about patriarchal constraints, she is intrigued by the future of work. Patiently and persistently she questions old-fashioned structures. When presenting herCAREER Academy, she strives to find solutions for a more equitable future for all genders.


herCAREER Academy - Moral AI - How do we get there and how can you get involved?

Moral AI – How do we get there and how can you get involved?
How could we build morality into an AI, so it can interact with society in a way that feels aligned with our human values? How do we make sure we as a society employ AI in a way that is in line with our values?


Building a sustainable and psychologically safe learning environment - Mannheim Business School

Building a sustainable and psychologically safe learning environment
An important element in creating a fruitful learning experience in any context is to establish a sense of belonging and psychological safety.