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Women should aim more for the executive floor! net4tec is the women’s network to push careers in technology + digital business. We connect female talents with companies and support careers across different life stages. What net4tec does for you? Inspire, Expose, Empower + Promote. Professional networking, encouragement, online & offline events, visibility for women & companies, providing opportunities + enable careers. net4tec is your stage!


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Remote Work, International Atmosphere, Opportunities for personal and professional growth, Flexible working hours and locations, Purpose-driven company goals, Family-friendly work environment, Continuing education and personal development opportunities, Positive work environment, Supportive teams, Inclusive work culture, strategic networking with relevant stakeholders.

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Deutsch: German language skills are not required
Englisch: Self-guided speech application (B2)
Further language skills are not required

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We are looking for employees with the following professional & functional competence profile

Communication / PR / media / linguistics and cultural studies
Entry (after further training) – 21c
Entry (expertise self-taught) – 21b
Entry (after studies with < 3 years of work experience) – 21d
Professional (experience > 3 years) – 21e

We are looking for employees for the following fields of activity

Consultation / Consulting
Business Development
Customer Service & Customer Care
Diversity & Inclusion
Graphics & Design
IT / Information Technology
Communication & PR
Marketing & Advertising
Project Management
Process Planning / Process Management
Supply Chain Management
Miscellaneous / Other

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Marketing and Communication

Content & Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing & Sales, Direct Marketing, Event Marketing, Experience Journey, Online Marketing, Performance Marketing, PR / Corporate Communications, Social Media Management, Other: Communication, Other: Marketing

Content participation

Agustina Garcia

Agustina Garcia
Gruppenleiterin - Automotive, net4tec


18/10/2024 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

MeetUp P.01 Table 3 | Halle / hall 3

Thread / thematic series: Leadership & Communication, Personality and competence development

Joblevel: Professional, Leading position, Lateral entry

Join this transformative Meetup to discover your unique voice and leadership approach. Over 45 minutes, we'll explore why you should aspire to a leadership role and how to build an authentic style aligned with your strengths. Reflect on Your Authentic Self - Take time to know yourself deeply - Develop a clear sense of your purpose Build Your Own Leadership Style - Embrace your unique qualities - Learn from mentors you admire The most impactful leaders lead with integrity and authenticity. This session is perfect for any woman ready to step up, own her power, and redefine leadership on her own terms. Join me and find the courage to lead in your own way.

Details about the speaker Agustina Garcia
Vita: 2003- today BMW / Different positions in quality management, developement 2000-2003 - Testengineer at Behr Hella Thermocontrol BHTC 1999 - Ing. Industrial (Universidad de Zaragoza)

Katerina Andreeva


17/10/2024 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

MeetUp P.01 Table 3 | Halle / hall 3

Thread / thematic series: Personality and competence development, Health, Female Body, Soul & Mental Health

Joblevel: Career entry, Professional, Leading position, Startup & Entrepreneurship

Hack your brain or how neuroscience can help you understand your brain so you can be more successful and live a happier life
Many people are unaware of how their brain function impacts their overall wellbeing. Together, we will explore essential questions such as: How can you regulate your mental state to reduce stress, improve performance, and prevent burnout? What changes can you make to your thought patterns to overcome self-sabotage, procrastination, and perfectionism? Additionally, I will guide you on how to transform your approach to goal setting, enhance your motivation and focus, and achieve your full potential while enjoying life.

Details about the speaker Katerina Andreeva
Vita: Katerina Andreeva is a Executive Board Member of net4tec, supporting gender diversity in the STEM. Katerina Andreeva is also a lecturer, coach and neurointegration trainer committed to promoting education and professional growth in the technology sector. Full-time, she serves as a Customer Success Manager and Data & AI Architect at IBM, where she applies her expertise to drive innovative solutions in data management and artificial intelligence.