Have you experienced this before: You do not meet the required criteria of a certain job offer 100 percent and do not bother to send in your application? Then Job-Offer-Talks are the right place for you!

Dialogue between applicants and employers

It has been proven that the majority of women do not apply for a vacancy until they actually meet 80 percent of the requirements – this is also referred to as the “Confidence Gap”.

By offering the Job Offer Talk, the trade fair wants to start exactly there and promote the dialogue between applicants and companies about job offers or cooperation in a specialist department beforehand – and encourage applicants to face new challenges.

Job Offer Talks can hold between 6 (held at the exhibitor’s booth) and 12 participants (held at the seperately designated areas). We have deliberately chosen the number of participants to guarantee an efficient and dedicated dialogue. That is why we also decided against the typical lecture format.

Participation does not require prior registration and is granted on a “first come, first served” basis.

Interesting insights are awaiting you here. And get the courage to also apply for positions that you will have to rise to.

Get in touch with your new teammates or your future superior and get all important information before you apply!

  • The employer introduces the respective job offer / company field and will answer questions of the applicants.
  • You will receive detailed information about the career and training opportunities of the company in a personal dialogue.

The program will be published here in summer 2021.