Dr. Christoph Horn


Dr. Christof Horn

Global Lead SW defined Vehicle & Managing Director

Dr. Christof Horn is a prominent figure in the automotive industry, particularly known for his work in integrating software and electronics into vehicles. He has a strong background in physics and mathematics, having studied at the universities of Stuttgart and Bologna.

In the early part of his career, Horn focused on the challenges of integrating electronics into vehicles, a field that has seen rapid evolution over the past two decades. He played a significant role in the growth of the consulting firm P3, which was later rebranded as umlaut. Under his leadership, the company expanded significantly, particularly in the area of automotive research and development. Umlaut now employs over 7000 consultants, with more than 2000 dedicated to automotive challenges.

In 2021, Horn joined Accenture, where he heads the Automotive Europe practice of Industry X. This division combines Accenture’s strengths in IT, cloud, and data with Horn’s expertise in automotive technology. His focus at Accenture includes guiding leading OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and first-tier suppliers through the transition to software-defined vehicles (SDVs), addressing strategy, technology, process, and organizational changes necessary for this transformation.

Christof Horn is also an author and speaker on topics related to digital transformation and automotive innovation. His publications and public speaking engagements often address the ongoing changes in the automotive industry and the increasing importance of software in vehicle design and functionality.