Onejiru Arfmann

Speaker, Supporter, Table Captain

Onejiru Arfmann

Founder & Creative Directrice, FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA
Co-Founder eeden Hamburg, Advisory Board of Viva con Agua Foundation & Artist

Onejiru Arfmann’s journey reflects her deep commitment to women’s empowerment, promoting artists and entrepreneurs of African descent and the Diaspora. Her background, having been born in Nairobi and grown up in Germany, likely contributes to her diverse perspective and passion for cross-cultural collaboration.

As a musician and visionary founder, she has used her artistic skills and extensive tours to captivate audiences worldwide. Beyond her music career, Onejiru’s dedication to women’s empowerment led her to become a spokesperson for Music Hamburg Women, actively supporting and promoting women in the music industry.

The co-initiation and co-founding of the „SISTERS“ band project demonstrate her commitment to amplifying women’s voices and promoting diversity. These initiatives likely create meaningful platforms for artists of African descent and women in the music industry to showcase their talents and gain recognition.

Taking her entrepreneurial spirit to new heights, Onejiru Arfmann founded „FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA“ (FFA) in 2021. This network brings together female leaders (SHEROS) from Africa and the Diaspora, aiming to foster cross-sectoral collaboration and knowledge transfer. By providing a platform for women to access markets and investments sustainably, FFA seeks to improve the quality of life for women in the long term. The vision of „FFA in DIALOGUE“ emphasises empowering women with opportunities to connect, inspire, and enrich their professional journeys, paving the way for a thriving future where women can drive positive change on a global level.

Her involvement in the advisory board of the Viva con Agua Foundation shows a commitment to broader social issues beyond women’s empowerment, indicating a well-rounded approach to creating positive impact and contributing to society.

Overall, Onejiru Arfmann’s endeavours and passion for social, gender, and music issues showcase a remarkable dedication to making a difference in the lives of women, artists, and communities in Africa and the Diaspora. Her work exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship and creativity in driving positive change and building a more inclusive and equitable world.