Prof. Dr. Jana Schaich Borg

Academy Speaker

Prof. Dr. Jana Schaich Borg

Neuroscientist, expert on a social decision-making and AI
Co-Author of “Moral AI”

Prof. Dr. Jana Schaich Borg is an Associate Research Professor at the Social Science Research Institute at Duke University. She uses neuroscience, computational modeling, and new technologies to study how we make social decisions that influence or are influenced by other people. As a neuroscientist, she analyses the data she collects as a data scientist in interdisciplinary teams.

Dr. Schaich Borg’s current research projects focus on developing moral artificial intelligence and understanding social bonding, empathy, and human decision-making processes.

Based on her research areas, she is involved in the development of practical strategies for the ethical development of artificial intelligence. She is skilled at breaking down the implications of complex analytical problems and communicating them to broad audiences in an understandable way.

Together with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Vincent Conitzer, she wrote the book „Moral AI – And How We Get There“. The chapters deal with questions such as: What is AI? Is there safe AI? Can AI be fair? And: Can AI incorporate human morality?


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