“It has consequences that we associate alcohol consumption with emancipation. Sad and contradictory consequences.”

“Why this is the case, whether men suffer differently from their alcohol consumption than women, and what alcohol does to our sex life,” Nathalie Stüben discusses these topics with Mia Gatow and Mika Döhring from Sodaklub in the video on YouTube: https://lnkd.in/eSPbNjUE

“On March 12th, Nathalie Stüben was a guest on Markus Lanz (starting at minute 50:18) discussing drug policy: https://lnkd.in/e4HVeZWK

“My life has improved without alcohol,” Nathalie says in an interview with herCAREER. She was both simultaneously: a successful journalist and alcohol-dependent. In her book ‘Without Alcohol – The Best Decision of My Life,’ she describes her journey from addiction to a life she loves. In an interview with herCAREER’s editor-in-chief Julia Hägele, she explains why Alcoholics Anonymous was not the right fit for her, when one might likely have an alcohol problem, and why women need a clear head for equality.”


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published on LinkedIn on 21.03.2024