The psychologist Martina Lackner writes in Business Punk about the effects of gender equality on the mental health of men, which she observes in her practice. Men are increasingly confronted with feelings of insecurity, envy, and diminished self-esteem. Are men in the envy hell?

The reversal of traditional gender roles in partnerships can be a veritable “envy hell” for men. It is difficult for them to endure in the long run when women increasingly rise to leadership positions while their partners remain in subordinate positions or their partners outpace them. “In addition, men who allow their partners to take precedence in their careers often take on the majority of caregiving but do not thrive in this role.” The imbalance in the partnership can lead to increased aggression towards the partner or even depression.

According to Lackner, companies should urgently take measures “aimed at strengthening the self-esteem of male employees and leaders and supporting them in operating on an equal footing with their successful partners.” Otherwise, they would overlook the fact that “women in leadership will only be possible in the long run if their partners also support this constellation.”