Lena Jüngst

2023-10-26T13:50:07+02:0009. Mar 2023|

Lena is Co-Founder and inventor of air up, the world’s first drinking bottle that flavors water just by scent – innovative, sustainable, and without sugar or artificial additives. Originally, Lena developed the first [...]

Bahar Ucar

2023-10-26T13:51:08+02:0009. Mar 2023|

Bahar Ucar moved to Bavaria (Schongau) as a child of guest workers when she was two years old and grew up in the countryside. She completed her secondary education and studied economics in [...]

Nimmy Nemlin

2023-10-26T13:52:44+02:0027. Feb 2023|

Nimmy Nemlin started her career in the IT Industry in 2010 and has worked with a variety of companies and cross-cultural teams. She is currently working as a Technical Program Manager at Google. [...]

Henrieke Max

2023-10-26T13:55:10+02:0023. Feb 2023|

Henrieke leads the Competitive Intelligence team at Delivery Hero. In her day-to-day, she works with Data Scientists, Analysts, and Engineers to provide strategic insights into the market dynamics in the food industry. Having [...]

Andrea Bury

2023-10-26T13:58:02+02:0022. Feb 2023|

Andrea Bury studied economics and cultural management. She is storyteller, marketing expert and social entrepreneur. In 1999 she was appointed as implementation manager of the „Laureus World Sports Awards“ („Oscar of sports) first [...]