Berit Plewinsky

2024-04-29T09:05:12+02:0029. Apr 2024|

Berit Plewinsky is currently Senior Director and leads a sales and customer service department for aircraft components at Lufthansa Technik. She studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and started at [...]

Zineb Lahlou

2023-10-26T13:35:34+02:0011. Oct 2023|

A senior Robotics Engineer with over 11 years of experience in Aerospace,Including 8 years of leading and managing projects and teams. My attention to detail and rigorous work ethic have earned me trustworthy [...]

Karen Wendt

2023-10-26T13:43:40+02:0009. Mar 2023|

Karen Wendt is the president of SwissFinTechLadies and editor of the Sustainable Finance Series with Springer Science Publishing. She merges 20 years of investment banking with digitalization, blockchain, leadership 4.0, design thinking and [...]

Charlotte Han

2023-10-26T13:44:41+02:0009. Mar 2023|

Charlotte Han processes data and computes brand and digital strategies for a living. Thanks to growing up in Asia, becoming American in Silicon Valley, and now living in Europe, she’s learned not to [...]

Dr. Mara Cole

2023-10-26T13:47:45+02:0009. Mar 2023|

As coordinator of the Connencted Mobility Platform at the Center Digitization.Bavaria (Bayern Innovativ), Dr. Mara Cole promotes interactive dialogue between business, science, politics and the public in the context of connected mobility and [...]

Eva Habermann

2023-10-26T13:49:04+02:0009. Mar 2023|

Eva Habermann studied Business Administration at Technische Hochschule in Nuremberg and as a Visiting Graduate Student at Columbia University in the US. She started working in the field of financial controlling for a [...]