Anastasia Umrik

Speaker, Table Captain

Anastasia Umrik

Coach, speaker
Author of the book Du bist in einer Krise. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Jetzt wird alles gut!' and founder of the 'deep stuff academy' where she helps people in courses, events and 1:1 accompaniment to visibly shape their new beginning

Anastasia, born in 1987, fulfills almost all the characteristics of a person belonging to the marginalized group: Female, foreigner, dependent on a wheelchair due to a muscle disease. In her younger years, she decided to become like others by hook or by crook. So much was the desire to finally arrive, to be less conspicuous and rather to disappear in the masses than to be constantly confronted with her own unfulfilled dreams and external characteristics. So she closed the door to her intuition and feminine wisdom and was very sure: It’s easier to live that way!

But life lived for others does not go well for long. After the success of the two initiatives “anderStark – Stärke braucht keine Muskeln” and “inkluWAS – design, das denken verändert”, with which she discovered her creativity among other things, a deep hole full of tiredness and lethargy followed. Even the body could no longer be distracted and rebelled, refused to function – nothing worked anymore. After a near-death, Anastasia was forced to rethink the life she had led until then, as well as her work, and to find new ways to live out her own truth in spite of everything. She put the priorities in the right order for herself and since then decided to share her experiences and individual view on different systems, structures and ways of life as a coach, speaker and author. Anastasia’s work is rarely about perfection, nor about politically correct phrases. It’s much more about sincerity, authenticity, and always pausing and listening inside: “Who am I and who do I want to have been at the end of my life?”


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