Catja Eikelberg     Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin & CEO, LogoLeon GmbH


Catja Eikelberg

Managing Partner & CEO
LogoLeon GmbH

Catja Eikelberg is the founder of LogoLeon GmbH since November 2019. She has been a state-certified speech therapist since 2013, worked full-time as a speech therapist in a medical office for one year, and has been self-employed part-time since starting her career. In 2019, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science in Tübingen, Germany and brings both the therapeutic and technical and interdisciplinary know-how with a large network. During her interdisciplinary studies in cognitive science, she developed further skills in media psychology and computer science, which she uses on a daily basis in her current daily life as a founder. During her studies in Tübingen, she further developed the idea of a children’s app and started the app development with a game designer directly after her studies thanks to the start-up grant EXIST (BMWi). Since August 2019, Ms. Eikelberg is also a Neurofunktions!Therapeutin® and changed her business model after a pivot – with the new focus on the preventive field. The current LogoLeon world is a product world for children & parents around the body. For children, there is already a children’s book, the game app and a coloring tablecloth. For parents, there is also knowledge from the professional world – the brand new, ad-free pacifier guide for parents! The StartUp is currently funded by the BMBF (Start MIT) and has already received several awards.