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Christiane Manow-Le Ruyet

Chief Editor
e-commerce magazin

Christiane Manow-Le Ruyet never really wanted to be a journalist. Her German teachers at school would certainly have advised her against it. Her literary skills did not fit in with the teachers’ ideas. Christiane therefore chose a different career path for the time being: she studied interior design at a Munich academy for creative professionals. Despite her bad experiences as a student, she was drawn to the written word and storytelling. After studying interior design, she trained as a journalist and initially wrote about architecture and design until she switched to information technology. And she learned quickly. The initial question mark about IT quickly disappeared and soon she was moderating technology topics at expos and events, seminars and round tables. In the meantime, the communications expert has been managing the fortunes of e-commerce magazine as Editor-in-Chief for two years. Previously, she gained extensive experience in various positions as marketing manager, editor-in-chief, online editor and content expert at medium-sized companies such as Rummelsberger Diakonie and Weka-Verlag. As a communications consultant, she worked for various agencies and companies. During this time, she designed magazines and websites as well as communication strategies and products, which she successfully positioned on the market. For many years, Christiane has been particularly interested in topics such as e-commerce, retail, digitalization, sustainability and smart cities. She likes to look behind the scenes, asking curious questions to find out what interests people. And she asks herself: What impact do technological developments have on people and their environment? When she’s not dealing with e-commerce or digitization issues, the mother of two teenagers likes to grab her pen or tablet and draw sketchnotes. She loves to use drawings to explain complex relationships and tell entrepreneurial stories. Among other things, she visualizes the business ideas of start-ups. Storytelling through and through.