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Christina Richter

Personal Branding Strategist & LinkedIn Expert

Christina Richter is a personal branding and communications strategist based in Berlin. After ten years in agencies, medium-sized businesses and large corporations in the fields of PR, corporate communications and social media, she has been advising companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world since 2015. Her passion has always been storytelling, especially stories about people. With this in mind, she has made personal branding the focus of her work and supports companies in the (further) development of their corporate influencer strategy and individuals in how they can become visible as thought leaders in their specific field. Her focus is on helping people learn how to incorporate the communication tool personal branding into their daily professional life without having to spend the entire day on content creation and posting on social media channels.
As part of her work for a Chinese company, Christina gets deep insights into China’s digital economy. On this topic, she has written the non-fiction books “Digital China: basic knowledge and inspiration for your business success in the Middle Kingdom” and “E-commerce trends in China – social commerce, live streaming or new retail”. With her books, Christina wants to create more understanding for arguably the most digital society in the world. She is also co-author of the Spiegel and Manager Magazin bestseller “Future Republic”.
Christina Richter holds a master’s degree in international information management with a focus on intercultural communication.


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