Dr. Karin Thelen

Exhibitor, Table Captain

Dr. Karin Thelen MBA

Managing Director of Regional Energy Transition
SWM - Stadtwerke München

Bringing innovation into practical application, breaking away from well-trodden paths, and pioneering new initiatives is the DNA of Dr. Karin Thelen, a thread that runs through her entire career.

After studying biology at the Technical University of Munich, the Munich native, Karin Thelen, has been working in biotechnology research since 2002, gaining experience in start-ups. In 2009, she pursued her doctorate alongside her professional work at vermicon AG, where she was responsible for the research and development department. In 2012, she joined the Stadtwerke München (SWM) as the head of the SWM Laboratory. Alongside her work, she completed an MBA in business administration and then took over the position of Technical Quality Assurance in 2018. This role involved her in all relevant technical processes of conventional and renewable energy generation, as well as the networks, and made her responsible for their quality and daily operational stability. She was also involved in the planning, construction, and further development of renewable energy generation. She continues to be connected to tech start-ups as a consultant and advisor in her spare time. Since mid-2023, Dr. Karin Thelen has been the Managing Director of Regional Energy Transition. With her forward-looking department, she will further expand SWM as the leading regional driver of the renewable electricity and heat transition through a renewable expansion initiative and new innovative business models.

Dr. Thelen attaches great importance to being a role model and positively influencing other women, encouraging them to take the next steps on their career ladder. She supports women’s promotion at SWM, the company’s internal women’s network called “Expertisen,” and women through internal and external mentoring programs.