Dr. Katharina von Knop - Politikwissenschaftlerin, Philosophin, Unternehmerin

Speaker, Table Captain

Dr. Katharina von Knop

Founder & Managing Director
Digital Trust Analytics and Advisor at Regify, a company that develops cybersecurity solutions

Dr. Katharina von Knop, a diplomate in political science and a Ph.D. holder in philosophy, investigates how acceptance and usage of digital solutions can be improved through her founded company, Digital Trust Analytics. Prior to this, she has already founded three other companies and gained practical experience as a business consultant and in business development at a major service conglomerate. She supports young entrepreneurs and start-ups in developing their business ideas and technology solutions at the Plug & Play Tech Center and Fraunhofer. Additionally, she serves as an advisor at Regify, a company specializing in developing cybersecurity solutions. In addition to her doctoral research on “Counterterrorism,” she is an author of numerous books and articles in academic journals.