Dr. med. Enise Lauterbach


Dr. med. Enise Lauterbach

CEO & Co-Founder
LEMOA medical GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. med. Enise Lauterbach is a physician and the founder of LEMOA medical. She is an internist and cardiologist who established a Health-Tech startup in the spring of 2020. The multiple award-winning founder is considered a pioneer in digital medicine. She envisions the medicine of the future as being clearly defined by digital healthcare solutions that coexist complementarily with traditional medicine. She is currently developing and researching a digital health application for patients with heart diseases, aiming for gender-specific healthcare. Gender-sensitive medicine in cardiology is not yet a given, and the lack of data on women’s health remains a significant problem in 2023. “Digital innovations must work for both genders,” says the cardiologist. She early on focused on the issue of the data gap to address existing data deficiencies in women’s heart health.

As prevention is still the best medicine, Dr. Enise Lauterbach, together with her sister Fatma Mittler-Solak, a columnist for Spiegel and ARD moderator, authored the book “Kala? Kala! Our Cretan Cardio Kitchen” published by EMF.

The native Pfalz resident, the daughter of Turkish guest workers, lives in Trier with her husband and two children.