Dr. Nicole Schilling

Surgeon General
Federal Office of Personnel Management of the German Armed Forces

Nicole Schilling (46) has been Vice President of the Bundeswehr Personnel Management Office since 2019. She began her training with the Bundeswehr in 1993 at the Air Force Medical School in Giebelstadt. Especially for the basic military service members, but also for one or the other instructor, she still belonged to the exotic women in uniform in the service also at the weapon. After successfully completing her training as a medical officer, she began studying human medicine at the University of Giessen. Schilling then moved to Hamm as an assistant physician at the Bundeswehr hospital there. As a troop physician in the Air Force Medical Squadron of Air Defense Missile Group 21 in Möhnesee, she completed her doctorate in medicine. After an assignment in the Netherlands and two subsequent deployments to Kunduz (Afghanistan) and Sarajevo (Bosnia), Schilling went to the Bundeswehr Personnel Office in Cologne from 2005 to 2007. She returned to this post 12 years later after successfully completing the General Staff Course and further assignments in personnel management (including assignments at the Federal Ministry of Defense in Bonn and Berlin). Schilling’s current area of responsibility as Germany’s youngest female soldier with the rank of Surgeon General covers general service operations, including organization, budget, infrastructure, IT or procurement; but also the provision of social services by the Bundeswehr. In this way, she ensures, for example, that comprehensive support is provided for those affected, from the notification of a military service injury to the clarification of all individual issues – in other words, “care from a single source”. In addition to many smaller projects, she is at the same time an advocate of modernization/digitalization projects in the Bundeswehr and hopes to add some spice to personnel policy through empowerment. Schilling is married and the mother of two children, a daughter and a son.