Fränzi Kühne Mitgründerin, ehem. Geschäftsführerin der TLGG GmbH sowie Aufsichtsrätin, Speakerin & Bestsellerautorin

Podcast Speaker, Speaker

Fränzi Kühne

Co-founder, former managing director of TLGG GmbH as well as
Supervisory Board Member, Speaker & Bestselling Author

How can brands best exploit the potential of technological and cultural change for themselves? How can methods of exploiting potential be implemented in companies in times of digital upheaval? Fränzi Kühne has been advising executives, management and founders from business, administration and politics on digitization issues for over twelve years. The focus of her work is the interaction between employees, projects and organizational structures, especially with regard to the people and relationships that need to be strengthened. She also drives this vision of a people-oriented, technology-based future as a member of the supervisory board. Since 2017, Fränzi Kühne has held several mandates, including at Freenet AG and Württembergische Versicherung AG. Fränzi Kühne has been committed to more women in management positions for years and is driving forward the change in organizational and work culture that this requires. As a member of the board of trustees of the AllBright Foundation, she develops analyses and reform proposals for more diversity in companies. She regularly publishes expert articles on topics related to digitalization, entrepreneurship and gender. In 2018, Fränzi Kühne was nominated by Capital Magazine as one of the 40 under 40, and in 2015 Edition F named her one of the most important 25 women of the digital future. In May 2021, she published her first book with Fischer Verlag – “Was Männer nie gefragt werden. Ich frage trotzdem mal.” (“What men are never asked. I’ll ask anyway.”)


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