Jaclyn Schnau

Table Captain

Jaclyn Schnau

Founder & CEO
Pumpkin Organics GmbH

Jaclyn Schnau is the Founder and CEO of Pumpkin Organics. Born in Canada, she has always been committed to reducing the sugar content of products during her time at some of the world’s leading food companies. Since 2016, she has been a passionate ambassador for healthier baby and kids food and fights relentlessly to improve our children’s nutrition.

After completing her MBA at Harvard University, she worked as the Global Marketing Manager for Häagen Dazs Cafes, then took over as Marketing Director, Experince, at Pizza Hut UK. In 2012, she moved to Munich for love and became Chief Customer Officer at Windeln.de and then CEO of Windelbar. Jaclyn is a mentor, guest lecturer, angel investor, food lover, but first and foremost, she is a very proud mother to her daughter Olivia and son Max (who are also the Chief Product Testers at Pumpkin Organics!).

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