Jacqueline Flory


Jacqueline Flory

Translator and Author,
Driving force behind the idea of Zeltschule e.V.

In 2015, when thousands of Syrian refugees arrived at Munich Central Station, Jacqueline Flory decided to launch an initiative to help the people in her region, thus sparing them a perilous journey to what they believed was a safer Europe. From the idea emerged a project, and from the project, an extremely successful organization: Zeltschule e.V. builds schools for refugees, providing them with a sense of perspective.

By mid-2016, Jacqueline Flory had already opened the first Zeltschule (Tent School) for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. It quickly became apparent that assistance was also needed for the families, so that the children could attend school instead of working in the fields in the surrounding areas to support their families. Since then, the single mother has been regularly traveling with her children to the region during Bavarian school holidays, actively and pragmatically addressing the root causes of displacement.

Today, six years later, Zeltschule e.V. oversees 47 schools for over 11,000 refugee children aged 5 to 14 in Lebanon and Syria. Jacqueline Flory and the supporters of Zeltschule e.V. provide food, water, clothing, medicine, and firewood to more than 50,000 people in total.

In interviews and presentations, Jacqueline passionately shares her work for Zeltschule, the plight of displaced people in the region, and the situation in Lebanon and Syria. Above all, she emphasizes how anyone can make a comprehensive and lasting impact.

Jacqueline Flory resides in Munich and is a single mother of two children.