Katja Ruhnke

CK Venture Captial GmbH

Katja Ruhnke grew up as the child of a Munich business family. As a trained musical performer and studied cultural management, she was active on and backstage for 10 years. Entrepreneurship caught up with her early on in the cultural sector as well, and she brought Shakespeare plays to the stage in the form of theater tours with her own theater production company. Eventually, her path brought her back to Munich to the family business. In search of new business areas, she was infected with the idea of start up financing in the summer of 2019. With her sister, she founded CK Venture Capital, which is now involved in 10 start ups. She sees it as her mission to bring forward the development of new ideas and visions and is happy to be able to realize this now as an investor. Always with the goal to make the world a little better. In September, Beshu Book publishes her first book entitled Female Money – How female investors transform the startup world. She lives in Munich with her husband and two children.